Last week, Cadbury kicked of its £6m Easter campaign with one of the best PR stunts I’ve seen in a long time.

Three giant purple eggs can be seen emerging from Loch Ness, teasing at the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster, a well-known folklore not only in Scotland but across the country and beyond.

Claudia Miceli, brand manager for Cadbury Easter, said: “For many years Cadbury has always been part of Easter in family homes and this year is no different.

“By teasing the mystery of Loch Ness we’re celebrating the playful magic of Easter time and Nessie herself.”

As well as the giant purple eggs, a new TV ad builds excitement by showcasing a fluffy Easter bunny playfully hiding eggs, while the use of hashtags like #EggsEverywhere across the brand’s social media platforms reinforce the campaign’s key messages.

The theme also plays on Cadbury’s 15-year partnership with The National Trust and the Easter egg hunts it organises.

As an integrated agency, we’re adept at creating out of the ordinary campaigns for clients that encompass everything from social media and media relations to event management, digital and design.

Integrated campaigns like Go Digital and Get Your Head into Digital (which can be seen on the ‘Work’ section of our website) showcased our creativity and innovation – something that certainly resonates with Cadbury’s latest campaign.

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