Coca-Cola has launched a new ‘One Brand’ global marketing campaign that, for the first time ever, unites Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life who will all share the new tagline ‘Taste the Feeling’.

Bringing the sub-brands together with a clearer, more consistent family personality is a fundamental aim of the new marketing campaign, as their creation has been deemed to confuse the main brand message.

This powerful investment behind all Coca-Cola products shows how everyone can enjoy the specialness of an ice-cold Coke, with or without calories, with or without caffeine or with or without artificial sweetener. People want their Coca-Cola in different ways, but whichever one they want, they ultimately want a product with great taste.

The creative is designed to celebrate the notion that the simple pleasure of drinking an ice-cold Coca-Cola makes any moment more special, such as ice-skating with friends, a first date, a first kiss and a first love.

“Taste the Feeling” is anchored in compelling visual storytelling through more than 100 images shot by noted fashion photographers Guy Aroch and Nacho Ricci. The photos, which will be featured in print, outdoor, in-store and digital advertising, use a “Norman Rockwell Meets Instagram” visual style to capture authentic, unscripted moments in a contemporary way to bring the brand closer to the people and the stories open to interpretation.

This very bold and exciting move by the industry leading drinks giant shows that every brand, even the well-established, can undergo a thought-provoking revitalisation.

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