As a teenager growing up in the 90s my bedroom walls were plastered with posters of boybands, soap stars and Hollywood hunks. I’m not ashamed to admit that my essential reading back then was my weekly copies of Smash Hits and Top of the Pops, together with some of the more trashy tabloids if they had a good splash about a celebrity I was interested in.

Well, forget Smash Hits, now it’s all about Oh My Vlog – a magazine devoted to web celebs.

There’s a shift in the cult of celebrity – away from musicians, actors and reality stars, towards bloggers. They’re attracting a loyal following of younger consumers, with a particular peak at 18-24 year olds. And what they deliver is tangible results for brands.

Such is the power of this new breed of celebrities that one tweet, or post can deliver significant uplift to brands. It’s no wonder that the most influential can charge thousands for a single social post.

Of course, you could argue that this younger audience isn’t the target market for many brands. But one day they will be, and how will they decide how to spend their considerable disposable income? Who will be their influencers? Not the celebrities of our day, but the social influencers of theirs.

It’s essential that blogger outreach and engagement is part of your marketing mix – engage and build relationships with the right social influencers for your brands and they’ll deliver results.

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