If you’ve read my blogs before you may have read my article discussing the rise of Google Chrome. If not you can read the article here. The article discussed Google Chrome’s rise due to its strong ad campaign, and its attempt to break Internet Explorer’s dominance in the browser market.

Latest reports indicate that Google Chrome has continued to establish itself as a contender for the web browser crown. According to Computerworld, Google Chrome is set to surpass Mozilla Firefox as the second most popular browser by the end of November.

The stats referenced, provided by StatCounter, show that Google Chrome has gained 8 percentage points since the start of the year which equates to a 50% increase.

If these browsers continue on their current path, Google Chrome will end the year with 26.6% market share while Mozilla Firefox will have fallen to 25.3%.

Of course, the question is: are you still using Internet Explorer 7? Why not Browse Happy?

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