A number of high-profile organisations have recently decided to rebrand themselves and one that has particularly grabbed my attention – as a graphic designer and a football fan – is the English Premier League.

When going through a brand refresh it’s important not to lose the essence and history of a brand, while at the same time injecting a new lease of life into its design.  This is something we take very seriously at Cool Blue when we take on such a project.

With this in mind, the new bold branding of the English Premier League really caught my eye, with its unique approach to the traditional symbol of the lion.  The new design is striking yet adaptable to the demands of both digital and tradition print based media.

The evolution of the traditional Lion logo still holds your attention, with a sense of regal pride to reflect the heritage of the English Premier League, while the new colour palette reinforces its new found vibrancy and strength.

All elements of the brand have been updated in a way that will continue to engage with its key stakeholders, including fans and media partners, but in a new and forward-thinking way.

To quote Gary Lineker: “Just look at his face.”



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