As David Beckham launches his new collaboration with H&M this week, in his usual, understated way, it made me think about celebrity endorsements for brands.

It really can be as simple as picking a well-known celebrity to work with your brand, create a product, and put their face (and in some cases body) on it!

Of course, not all celebrities just cash the cheque and put their name to the brand. Some are genuinely involved in the creative process. I think it’s fair to assume David (or more likely, Victoria) had some input in to the fashion retailer’s new range. And Tamara Mellon’s new enterprise, after quitting Jimmy Choo late last year, is sure to be nothing short of stunning. But I can think of an un-ending number of pop starlets and reality stars with perfumes and clothing ranges, where you know for a fact, their involvement started and ended on the promotional tour.

Some people genuinely believe they are affected by celebrity involvement. But  it’s rather naive to believe that you have completely ignored and been unaffected by the marketing, advertising and branding associated with a product like perfume, jewellery or even clothing. It’s a multi-billion pound industry, companies wouldn’t be pouring in the mega bucks if it didn’t have a major impact on sales.

So, although I’m in the industry, and really should know better, I’ll admit it, and be affected by the advertising and promotional hype.

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