With the launch of Google Home in the UK this week and the popularity of Amazon Echo ever growing we need to start looking at how we can better engage with our customers using these platforms.

A Conversational Interfaces (CIs) are primarily, at this point, either Chatbots or Virtual Assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa.

CI design demands a fundamental shift in approach to design–minimal visual design and more use of words; content, presentation and conversation flow are the primary user interface elements of a CI design.

This is a major shift from our understanding of how customers engage with brands and a move away from the traditional beautifully designed graphical user interface and now relies heavily on engaging, intuitive language to guide users.

With the increasing availability of virtual assistants and chatbots in devices such as smart phones (Siri, Google Assistant), PCs (Cortana), games consoles (Cortana) and dedicated devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, we are going to have to start to plan how we want our customers to engage with us in this space.

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