Amazon has recently opened its first grocery store where customers can pick up their groceries and just walk out without having to queue up and pay at the checkout called Amazon Go.

Shoppers at its store will have the cost of their purchases automatically billed to their Amazon Prime account.

The store is fitted with sophisticated sensors similar to those found on self-driving cars. These sensors can detect when a product has been picked up and put in a basket or put back on the shelf. Once you’ve got everything you need you simply walk out and you will receive your receipt via email.

The first store is opening in Seattle in early 2017 with Amazon employees already able to make use of the technology. It also looks likely that the concept will appear outside of the US. Amazon registered a UK trademark on 5 December, indicating it intends to bring the format to Britain.

While it looks to be an exciting move towards a streamlined shopping experience it will be interesting to see how well the technology can perform in the real-world.

Watch the video to find out more about Amazon Go.

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