Keen to browse through first class on an Emirates A380? Or explore inside a Parisian cheese shop without leaving the comfort of your home?

Well thanks to the geniuses at Google you can now go inside the world’s most weird, wonderful and beautiful buildings with a full 360 degree tour from your desktop with indoor Google Maps.

The clever tool allows you to navigate the floor plans of locations as diverse as Gatwick Airport, the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Iran and the Barker and Stonehouse store in Knaresborough.

In order to create the Gatwick view, Google combined more than 2,000 still images of the site’s interior to ensure the map was as detailed as possible, and as a result it allows you to view all public areas of the space.

Cast your eye over the colourful collection below and try not to plan your next awesome adventure!

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