It’s pretty safe to say that I am a bit App-obsessed. They are, in my opinion, central to the organisation and management of my life.

The obsession started when I acquired my first iPhone 2 years ago (I was a late adopter but have since made up for it!). I downloaded the Apps for Facebook and Amazon, and the love affair began. And I have to confess, when I took delivery of an iPad that was it, total App-domination.

I pretty much do everything from an App now, from booking flights, grocery and clothes shopping, planning my gym workouts, getting recipes for dinner parties, editing photos, talking to my sisters in NZ for free, setting my Sky to record or even watch it on the go, and keeping up with all the social media channels. You name it, there really is an App for that, over half a million in the App store in fact – I am not alone in my love of them!

But, I even shocked myself when I opted for the low-tech version of the Lonely Planet Guide to Singapore when planning an upcoming trip. Sure, there was an App for that, as my Amazon App informed me when I was purchasing. Instead I’ve opted for the paper version. A total departure from the norm, but actually, on this occasion I want that old-fashioned travel feel.

I want to curl up in my seat on the flight, poring over the pages, folding down the corners and marking up the attractions I want to see.  And when I’m walking around the city I want to be able to refer to a paper map, and flick through my now well-worn book to check where I’m going.

Maybe the App would be more user-friendly. I wouldn’t have to carry a book around everywhere and the interactive map would tell me precisely where I was with options on what to eat / buy / visit at each location.

But, isn’t that half the fun of exploring a city. Getting a little distracted, ending up slightly off the beaten track and discovering a neighbourhood you never even knew was there. If I wanted a guided tour, I’d sign up for a…guided tour.

I have to admit, while useful and essential to modern-life, Apps can sometimes be too useful and mean you don’t pay attention to what’s around you.

So, Miss App-for-that is for once, opting for the low-tech version.

The iPhone will be staying in the bag, and my trustee Lonely Planet complete with bent spine and folded down page corners will be accompanying me around Singapore.

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