Recently I’ve been making an effort to draw freehand again. Traditionally, my profession, Graphic Design, was all about hand-drawn elements. That’s where the real skills and talent were found. Today of course we’re trained to manipulate our creative thought through software packages and I find myself creating client work on the Mac. But the other night I realised I’d forgotten to get my girlfriend an anniversary card and I decided to pick up my pencils to create a more personal form of artwork.

Over the last couple of years there has been resurgence in the use of softer elements in design, such as hand-drawn illustrations. In my work with our client Spiral Cellars, I have been including water coloured maps to bring out the rich culture of rustic wine regions across the world. Further afield, TSB has created a charming campaign using hand-rendered characters, and who could forget about John Lewis’ Bear and Hare, the £7m Christmas advert, created using hand-drawn animations.

I think getting back to basics and picking up the pencils reinforces why I put my heart into this profession.  It also reminded me how much I really like to draw.

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