To mark it’s 30th birthday, Ikea has released a video celebrating the Frakta tote and its multitude of uses.

Earlier in the year there was huge interest in the bag following Balenciaga’s £1,705 leather version of the 40p tote.

The short film, created by Ikea Creative Hub and agency Acne, showcases the hardworking bag and its many uses. From dog-ponchos to baseball caps people are paying homage to the iconic plastic carrier across the internet.

Ikea says. “This plain piece of plastic summarizes everything we believe in—that design, function, and quality shouldn’t be just for a few.”

Here at Cool Blue we’re big fans of the Frakta; just last week we used a couple of them to carry our branded bottles to a client launch!

It just goes to show how brand loyalty and affection is a force to be reckoned with. I can’t imagine anyone walking around with their most treasured possessions stuffed into an Argos carrier.

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