14th March 2016, By Claire Duns

Instagram – a smarter way to advertise on social media

More and more big brands are turning to Instagram as a means...

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11th March 2016, By Ben Robinson

Harrison Spinks – New Website Launch

Harrison Spinks is a luxury bed and mattress manufacturer that has been...

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9th March 2016, By Chloe Watson

A cracking Cadbury PR stunt

Last week, Cadbury kicked of its £6m Easter campaign with one of...

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4th March 2016, By David Baird

Facebook adds reaction emojis to its offering

Leading social media platform Facebook, renowned for its ‘Like’ button, has just...

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3rd March 2016, By Lee Freeman

Flat Design Trend

Recently, I've noticed a number of big brands taking on 'flat design'....

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26th February 2016, By Adam Mills

Businesses target customers with ads via Facebook Messenger

It’s recently been revealed that Facebook plan on allowing brands to send...

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25th February 2016, By Tom Keighley

The Northern Powerhouse needs PR to match its ambitions

Stick “Northern Powerhouse” into Google and the first page of results is...

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22nd February 2016, By Lucy Bowes

A Note on Instagram

When it comes to social media marketing, there is no doubt that...

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17th February 2016, By Tracy Appleby

Major rebrand for Channel 5

Last week saw the launch of a radical new look for the...

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12th February 2016, By Jess Mayhew

Turning serious stats into property PR

We all know that Britain is suffering a housing crisis.  There are...

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16th February 2016, By Pete Gardner

A vibrant rebrand for the English Premier league

A number of high-profile organisations have recently decided to rebrand themselves and...

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10th February 2016, By Ben Robinson

Is User Experience Optimisation (UEO) the new SEO?

For more than a decade, anyone who owns, manages or creates content...

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5th February 2016, By Michael Watts

Living images

Cinemagraphs – they've been popping up on my favourite websites and social...

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3rd February 2016, By Laura Emmerson

Why French Connection is reviving its 90s ad campaign

Fashion retailer French Connection has recently announced the resurrection of its eyebrow...

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29th January 2016, By Adam Mills

Web Design Trends for 2016

As the popularity of online platforms and influence of digital media continues...

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