UK retailers need to audit their use of email marketing, and become more savvy about communicating with their consumers. Current practices are turning UK consumers off, rather than warming them up to a retailer’s offer.

90% of UK consumers have unsubscribed from a retailer’s communications in the last year (source: Engage Hub). Their reasons? Nearly half of them unsubscribed because of the onslaught of messages from brands, a third said they were unhappy with the frequency of updates and offers they received, and nearly a quarter said that the messaging was highly irrelevant to them.

Email marketing is an intrusive form of communication – it interrupts your customer’s day, arriving in their inbox, often with a notification popping up on their device. If a brand is going to demand instant attention from its customers, it better have a good reason. The content needs to be relevant, well-crafted and accurate, with an appropriate frequency for the type of business it’s coming from.

When we’re devising and designing email marketing campaigns for our clients, our strategy is always to segment the customer data, offering targeted communications that are highly relevant, personalised, and engaging. Our team them designs and writes content to inspire and engage customers, adding value to the relationship, and offering much more than a mundane and straightforward sales message.

We carefully monitor KPIs, including open-rate and click-through, to understand how the content has been received, and tailor future activity based on the data.

With GDPR introduction fast approaching, businesses need to recognise the value of their customer data, and use it more effectively. It’s only through well-designed, well-targeted communication that a business will be able to encourage customers to opt-in to its email marketing.

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