Ziggy Stardust, David Jones, The Thin White Duke – whatever you know him as, with a number one album and his retrospective at the V&A the fastest selling in the museum’s history, David Bowie is back!

What’s most noticeable about the popularity of the retrospective is that it highlights how his fame and influence has transcended the generations.
Bowie is a genius and as you can tell I’m a big fan.
His reach extends beyond music and into fashion, art, culture and sexuality. He was one of the first people to openly admit to being bisexual, an incredibly brave thing to do in the early 1970s.

I’m off to London next week and was hoping to spend a casual afternoon wandering around the exhibition but unfortunately it’s sold out with no tickets available until May 14.

It seems I’m just going to have to make do with the pictures that are appearing all over the press and on social media networking sites.
I’ve posted a few pictures below and if anyone needs a reminder of just how perfect the great man’s music is – there’s also a playlist compiled by asking colleagues what their favourite Bowie songs are. Enjoy.

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