There’s no doubting that Easter is big business, and this year brands are going all out in the quest for chocolate domination.

Asda is one company that has gone larger that most – literally – releasing an ad about a 30-foot-high chocolate chicken. It launched the campaign during ITV’s newest drama Dr. Thorne, a perfect prime time slot to grab the attention of the nation.

The 60 second ad demonstrates how seriously the supermarket retailer takes the holiday, claiming that it will be stocking over 20 million chocolate eggs and assorted other treats throughout its stores in the lead up to, and during, Easter.

The TV ad is accompanied by press, outdoor, radio and social media advertising and a spoof news channel has even been created to tie in with the social media drive. The station, known as NewsHD, sees news anchors Shaun Shawn and Peter Bird reporting on some strange sightings in ‘Shrope-shire’, including a giant chocolate egg and a worryingly large footprint.

People have quickly taken the giant hen to their hearts – in the first 24 hours the spot had 650,000 views on Facebook and the #GiantHen hashtag had 3.9 million impressions.  It just goes to show that creative, attention-grabbing ads really do stand out and can certainly pay off for clients willing to consider a more quirky approach.

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