Today, more companies than ever before are capturing and using customer data for marketing purposes. With stories of data misuse featuring prominently in the media, quite rightly, customers want to take back control over how their data is managed.

In mid-2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect, impacting on how customer data is collected, stored and used. Whilst this legislation is primarily for companies operating in the EU, it is also likely to impact on UK business.

The GDPR covers the following:


Transparency is key. Marketers must be aware that they need to make it clear to customers what will happen to their data and where it will be shared.

You should ensure you find out and document what personal data you hold, where it has come from and who you share it with.  

Right to be removed

If customers are not happy with you using their data, they have a right to be removed from your marketing list and this must be adhered to.

Ensure you review and adjust the way you obtain and record consent and ensure you have a procedure in place to include how you would delete personal data. 

Data Requests

Data access requests must be responded to in a shorter timeframe.

A new process must be put in place to ensure requests are completed in time and how data will be provided electronically and in a commonly used format.

At Cool Blue we understand the value of customer data and welcome this regulation.

Whilst the size of marketing lists may reduce as a result of these changes, it will ensure that only customers who want to be marketed to are included in marketing lists, reducing the negative connotations of ‘spam mail’ and improving ROI on marketing spend.

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