With Rio 2016 looming large on the horizon, all eyes will once again be on the sporting world.  But, considering the many issues that have come to light over the past few months, will sport be able to restore its tarnished reputation and come out fighting once again?

Athletics, and more recently tennis, has been shocked by revelations of drug-taking, match fixing and corruption.  These once squeaky-clean sports have been rocked by allegations and are struggling to limit the damage caused by these revelations.

Like any company, brand or person who suffers a scandal, athletics and tennis officials will be working furiously behind the scenes to manage these stories and ensure any damage caused is not irreparable.

Once a company or brand is linked to a scandal (even if any allegations turn out to be false), the harm caused can be enough to end years of hard work and dedication.

Sporting officials will be hoping that the furore dies down by the time the opening ceremony kicks off on August 5th and that attention turns to the sports stars, those who achieve amazing feats of strength, speed and agility.

If the feel-good factor of London 2012 is anything to go by, maybe this is just what the sporting world needs to bring it back to its former glory and shed any vestiges of negativity caused in the recent months.

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