Social media is connecting and empowering brands and consumers in ways that we once thought unimaginable. Every day, throughout the day, we log into our favourite social spaces and pour over updates from our friends, family, places and people.

We’ve curated our own news feeds and have everything we need at our fingertips. We’re super-connected and clued up, with more selfies than we know what to do with. But, are we happy?

In a new campaign urging us to appreciate the moment, the environment and ourselves in it, 100 Happy Days poses itself as the social-fuelled bridge towards long-term happiness for any human being.

Challenging us to submit one snap each day of the simple things that have made us happy on the platform we love most, 100 Happy Days is connecting people who want to celebrate the simple things in life – a seat on the packed 17:15 train perhaps?

You’re busy, so why bother right? People successfully completing the challenge have claimed to:

  • Start noticing what makes them happy every day
  • Be in a better mood every day
  • Start receiving more compliments from other people
  • Realise how lucky they are to have the life they have
  • Become more optimistic
  • Fall in love during the challenge (ooo-er)

Let’s not get carried away here – a whopping 71 percent of participants who took up the challenge, decided it wasn’t for them, too busy and too happy (enviably) But in the name of social media for the greater good, for status updates that are less self and more substance, and a love for feel good content, I’m going to give it a go.

You can follow my progress via my twitter account @Very_Katie

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