I love the look and feel of the new Carlsberg campaign, ‘The Danish Way’, which features Mads Mikkelsen as a modern day philosopher cycling through quintessentially Danish settings.


Carlsberg has launched the new integrated marketing campaign in a bid to revitalize the brand by focusing on its homeland, Denmark, apparently the happiest country on earth.


The ad highlights the Danish way of life and their positive philosophy towards life. Over the past year Scandinavian culture has become increasingly popular with British consumers, in particular the Danish word ‘hygge’ (it’s all about creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life).  It’s something we integrated into the last edition of Story Living, our lifestyle magazine for Story Homes. We shot a Hygge styled front cover and show home article focusing on cosiness and comfort.


The Carlsberg TV advert is a real treat for the eyes. Beautiful scenes include Mikkelsen cycling through the city on his bike, from cobbled streets to a forest picnic, to an apartment and finally Carlsberg’s brewery. It’s probably one of the best looking adverts I’ve seen this year!


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