15th June 2017, By Gavin Downey

Hidden Treasures

Adobe recently launched a partnership with the Munch Museum in Oslo to...

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7th June 2017, By Tracy Appleby

The Big Blue Bag

To mark it’s 30th birthday, Ikea has released a video celebrating the...

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2nd June 2017, By Jonathan Aldridge

How to protect your brand

At Cool Blue we’re in the business of protecting our clients’ reputation....

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25th May 2017, By Lee Freeman

YouTube creates its own brand typeface

Everyday I work with aspects of a brand, whether it’s working on...

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9th May 2017, By Emma Shard

Colour. It’s More Than You See.

Recently, colour has been on my mind as we work with a...

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26th April 2017, By Tracy Appleby

Carlsberg new campaign taps into ‘hygge’ trend

I love the look and feel of the new Carlsberg campaign, ‘The...

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13th April 2017, By Lee Freeman

National Army Museum Displays To Be Proud Of

I have always found it interesting to consider what goes into creating...

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5th April 2017, By Pete Gardner

Learning from a dying craft?

I was browsing the Design Week website and I came across an...

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14th March 2017, By Tracy Appleby

Pass the Heinz

As an avid viewer of Mad Men I am loving the fact...

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7th March 2017, By Lee Thompson

Superhero Comics

I’m a big fan of Comic Superheroes, including Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine...

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1st March 2017, By Pete Gardner

Less beautiful is more beautiful

Recently the contemporary art magazine, Frieze, underwent a massive redesign, spearheaded by...

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17th February 2017, By Gavin Downey

Now This News

OK so ironically this isn’t news in itself. ‘Now This’ rebranded in...

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31st January 2017, By Tracy Appleby

Sainsbury’s live well for less

After a 35 year relationship, Sainsbury’s parted ways with its advertising agency...

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17th January 2017, By Lee Freeman

New Advertising for the New Year

It’s the start of a new year and also the beginning of...

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13th January 2017, By Pete Gardner

Sign of a good brand

We’ve been busy working on several branding projects requiring a large amount...

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