16th June 2017, By Adam Mills

Twitter redesigns itself to entice new users

16In an effort to attract new users to the social media site,...

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7th June 2017, By Sophie O'Mahony


UK retailers need to audit their use of email marketing, and become...

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2nd June 2017, By Ben Robinson

Microsoft will now pay you to use Bing

Microsoft are trying to tempt users to ditch Google and make the...

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18th May 2017, By Adam Mills

Say hello to Google Lens

Google recently announced at it’s I/O conference that it’s working on a...

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10th May 2017, By Sophie O'Mahony

Digital marketing legislation will make campaigns more effective

Implied opt-in and customer behavioural analysis enable digital marketing campaigns to maximise...

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8th May 2017, By Ben Robinson

Channel 4’s 4OD is rolling out personalised TV ads

Channel 4 announced a new VoD (video on demand) feature that will...

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21st April 2017, By Adam Mills

Facebook first real venture in to Virtual Reality

Facebook is finally announcing a real VR social app, and it’s called Facebook...

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10th April 2017, By Ben Robinson

Amazon Echo and Google Home – How to design for conversational interfaces

With the launch of Google Home in the UK this week and...

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23rd March 2017, By Adam Mills

Instagram: Booking feature for businesses

In a recent announcement that Instagram had reached 1 million advertisers, the...

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15th March 2017, By Sophie O'Mahony

Creating content for mobile

How do you create content that’s appropriate for mobile? Mobile represents around...

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10th March 2017, By Ben Robinson

Voice search is finally mainstream

Voice search has hit the mainstream and will continue to grow in...

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21st February 2017, By Adam Mills

YouTube to ditch its most annoying feature

Out of the many different advertising formats YouTube features, by far the...

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2nd February 2017, By Ben Robinson

Facebook’s “Discover People” feature encourages you to be friends with strangers based on your plans

Facebook’s new Discover People feature tries to connect you with people who...

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26th January 2017, By Adam Mills

Facebook copies off Snapchat again

After successfully copying Snapchat with Instagram Stories, Facebook is at it again...

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17th January 2017, By Sophie O'Mahony

Creating a new website – Active Northumberland

Active Northumberland provides a wide range of great value leisure services. Cool...

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