We’re loving the new Channel 4 advertising campaign ahead of the Rio Paralympics this September.

Following on from the theme of their successful 2012 London Games promo, the new three minute ‘superhumans’ musical ad features not only world class athletes but people who live with disability everyday going about their ordinary lives.

In a wonderful celebration of diversity and strength, the advert – created by Channel 4’s in-house team 4Creative – packs a punch and highlights disabled people smashing  athletic challenges and going about their lives.

All in all around 140 cast members were used to make the incredible new video – set to the tune of a cover of Sammy Davis Jr’s “Yes I Can”.

Singer Tony Dee performs with a large group of musicians and it’s reportedly going to be released to benefit the British Paralympic Association – so you can sing the tune this summer to your heart’s content.

The video is a mix of people doing everyday things and some extraordinary things (such as flying an aircraft with their feet or driving a racing car) – all set to a catchy tune which certainly caught my attention!

So whether its ballroom dancing, fencing, swimming or doing a supermarket shop – it’s clear – the team want to change people’s attitude and perception of disability – They can. You can. We Can – go team GB!

Check out the video on YouTube now and get pumped ahead of the Games:

You can also take a look at some of the ‘Superhuman Stories’ and learn more about the people behind the video:

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