Of all the UK design fairs, Clerkenwell Design week has to be one of the most fun. Situated in and around Clerkenwell, just a stone’s throw from Farringdon station, it’s a heady mix of showrooms, pop-ups and exhibition halls – a Mecca for design geeks and an interesting day out for those with even just smidgen of design curiosity.

Open until 9pm, it’s easy to pop down after work and we headed down on opening night to check out what this year’s fair had to offer. From Jaguar sports cars to Anglepoise lamps, the breadth of design was impressive and with many of the stores and stalls hosting launch parties, there was definitely a buzz around Clerkenwell.

One of the highlights had to be Christopher Jenner’s beautifully crafted new collection for Drummonds. Fusing country house style with a modern, city aesthetic, these contemporary pieces managed to do something incredibly new whilst maintaining the sense of heritage that’s become so synonymous with Drummonds.

Other highlights also included Paul Smith for Anglepoise and Turkish Ceramics’ Tile Mile; a mirrored archway paved with their characteristically colourful tiles, creating an illusion of endless space. In terms of trends, wood appeared to be the recurrent theme with brass and copper often joining it. Lighting also seemed to play a leading role, with pendant lamps galore. All in all, a great show and one that we’re already looking forward to next year.


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