Seems we Brits can’t get enough of social media.

As our use of smart phones increases so does the amount of time we spend on our social media platforms of choice.

News this week revealed that social media is now the UK’s favourite online activity.

Research shows that on average we spend two hours and 51 minutes a day on the web – with up to a fifth of that time (around 30 minutes) spent on social media sites.

That’s a lot of minutes every week where digital savvy brands are able to reach their target market – taking the opportunity to spend some one-to-one time with customers, wherever they might be.

Social media has always provided a highly-targeted and hugely cost effective-advertising solution, but the news that it’s now the most popular online activity means it’s an even more attractive proposition than ever before.

Those behind the research say the most effective digital advertising strategies recognise and take into account how behaviour and mind-set differ dramatically by device.

Translated, that means it’s no longer enough for brands to have an online ad and hope it delivers a decent return on investment – the smartest brands are already differentiating their marketing messages according to device, platform, user activity and screen size.

Those brands were quick to identify that users on mobiles are more likely to be playing games and using social media, while those on desktops are more likely reading emails or accessing entertainment.

So, with all of us spending more and more time online, it should come as no surprise to discover that the average number of times people go and see their friends has fallen by almost a third in the past 20 years.

And that’s almost certainly because social media allows us to feel like we see them all the time.

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