The football kit…it’s been around since the 1870s, telling us of the tradition, and the history of the club. From the first long-sleeved jerseys of the late 1800s to today’s lightweight, breathable shirts, the football shirt has gone through quite the transformation to become the multi million pound business it is today.

From a design point of view each season sees new shirts coming onto the market, from subtle changes to a compete new look – with two or three strips each year for top flight clubs it’s full time design job for some. But watch out for a fans rebellion if  the change is too radical and moves away from that age old tradition.

We all have our favourite style, some of us love the retro look. Some of us like new, cutting edge designs. Pass any high street sports store these days and you’re bombarded with the sight of football shirts of all colours and design.

Check out these football kits designs

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