If you’re lucky enough to have a brand with heritage and true craftsmanship then you need to make sure you tell that story, well. That’s precisely what we’ve just done for 1907 Beds, a luxury mattress range produced by Palatine Beds, part of Your Homes Newcastle.

The brand’s marketing suite of brochure and adverts did little to convey its USPs so we were was tasked with creating new concepts that better fitted with its aspirational position.

We had a clear vision of where to take it. 1907 Beds needed to have its heritage, craftsmanship and lifestyle front and centre. Our concepts incorporated a screen-printing style, while ensuring the product was prominent, through the use of full page lifestyle photography.

Our designers worked closely with the client to ensure that the brief for the photoshoot clearly defined what was required.

We needed lifestyle shots that fitted with our concepts, that showcased the mattresses and beds, conveyed luxury but still enabled customers to see the product. Careful styling of each shot was required to ensure that the product, the mattress, was still visible, while being dressed with appropriate accessories to create the look.

Copy and content were critical too. The brand story needed to be told in an engaging way, without detracting from the product range and the key messaging.

The result was a beautiful brochure that captured the brand essence, and was easily translated through into a suite of seasonal adverts for print and online.

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