Active Northumberland provides a wide range of great value leisure services.

Cool Blue worked with it to devise and build a customer-focussed website to help differentiate the brand and drive usage of its services in a highly competitive marketplace.

We immersed ourselves in Active Northumberland’s brand, its customers and competitors, and reviewed analytics from the existing site.

Our digital team devised a more intuitive, easy-to-navigate user experience, and worked with the creative team to design the new site, creating key page visuals in desktop, tablet and phone views.

One of the key challenges was how to display the vast amount of information, making it searchable. We overcame this with a task-led navigation menu, activity intensity levels, recommendations, scrolling image carousels and hover-over states.

The designs combined key components from the existing Active Northumberland brand with customer-focussed imagery, video and emotive messaging, to bring the offer to life.

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