Falck is a global leader in industrial and offshore safety training, taking the vast majority of its bookings online.

Cool Blue was tasked with designing a brand new, user friendly website for the company, allowing users to quickly identify a suitable course, access key information and book online.

We employed user identification research and key journey mapping to help understand how visitors used the site.  This involved us working with the client team to profile the key user types and then define their needs. We also reviewed the web analytics for the existing website to understand user behaviour on the site – e.g. key landing pages, popular search terms and areas of user ‘drop off’.

During the research and wireframe stage we identified a need to segment users by those who knew the course that they wanted to enrol in and those that didn’t. Those who knew were able to search for and access their chosen course profile in 1-2 clicks. We were then able to try and upsell/cross sell to these users by displaying similar courses.

In order to assist those people who didn’t know the course they were after, we introduced a facility to view popular and upcoming courses on the homepage – helping to drive selection.

We are confident that this change will improve the overall user experience and look forward to seeing how it impacts on Falck’s course sales going forward.


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