As you’d expect at the start of a new year, there are plenty of articles in the marketing industry media setting the trends for the year ahead. Having read several of these round-ups in recent weeks, I have seen recurring themes around digital marketing trends for the next 12 months.

There are some key areas of digital strategy as well as digital delivery that look set to become even more important as more and more businesses embrace this channel. Trends that we too have identified and incorporated into our marketing strategies for clients, and are already delivering against.

Purchasing on-the-go

Mobile purchasing is continuing to grow. Whereas in the past consumers may browse on mobiles but then turn to desktop to purchase, data from the last 12 months has shown a steady and significant growth in consumers browsing and buying from their mobile devices.

This is a huge opportunity for retailers, providing their mobile sites and apps are intuitive, offering exceptional user experience and are marketed effectively to encourage use.


Data is king. Know your customers – not as market segments but as individuals. A deeper understanding of customers and an intelligent approach to data will be crucial to create the personalised shopping experience that consumers expect.


The same marketing strategy and delivery will not work across all channels. Customers behave differently depending on the platform they’re accessing and expect brands to interact with them in a way that’s appropriate and expected for that channel. And as brands recognise this need to refine how they approach customers across web, mobile, social, email, print, in-store and video, customer expectations will only continue to rise.


Relevant, engaging, share-worthy content is critical. It needs to be well-considered, speak to customers directly and offer insights and commentary that isn’t otherwise available from the brand. It needs to be manipulated to be relevant for each channel and distribution method, but still provide a seamless brand experience.

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