It’s all in a day’s work here at Cool Blue. Sourcing celebrities for hire, a 3m high dome to be shipped to America and media training in Italy. And that’s just today.

Now we realise some people, maybe even some of you reading this, are under the impression that the world of public relations is all of the above and very ‘Ab Fab darling’. Either that or very ‘Twenty Twelve’ – BBC2’s latest comic offering focussing on the team responsible for delivering the Olympics.

To be fair some of it is frighteningly close to home. Many of us will recognise the catchphrases, buzzwords and break-out zones.

But those of us really in the know of course understand that actually the business of public relations, marketing and advertising is actually really hard work – far from the champagne-fuelled free-for-all often portrayed on the back of the latest celebrity ‘brand’.

Of course the power of celebrity shouldn’t be underestimated. Their endorsement is a huge marketing tool but here in ‘PR-ville’ planning is our weapon of choice and strategy is our king. Celebrity endorsements and stunts are just one of the tools in our weaponry and we spend many hours pulling together award winning integrated campaigns for our clients. And we’ve got the silverware to prove it.

That’s not to say we don’t occasionally dip our toes in the proverbial celebrity pool. Here at Cool Blue in the past couple of weeks we’ve rubbed shoulders* with Harry Styles and Sir Robert Winston.

One member of the team has also been in conversation with Masterchef host and top taste-tester Greg Wallace, albeit ‘virtually’. It’s all the rage apparently.

And we have a sense of humour too. We can watch ‘Devil wears Prada’ and the aforementioned Twenty Twelve and instantly recognise characters, situations and the obligatory ‘blue sky thinking’. It’s all good fun. And of course ‘we’re cool with that’.

*For ‘rubbed shoulders’ also read e mailed, tweeted or had conversations with their right hand man – aka their agents.



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