One of my biggest frustrations with traditional advertising, such as outdoor, is that, while you can evaluate an ad’s position based on footfall or traffic, you can’t evaluate its impact or effectiveness. Unless, that is, you introduce a call to action, or blend this more traditional advertising medium with a digital tool.

That’s why I think British Airway’s ‘Magic of Flying’ campaign is so incredibly clever. The airline created an outdoor ad that interacted with real time data. The advertising was positioned under flight-paths, with the digital ad converting to flight route information whenever a BA plane was overhead. It was linked to real time pricing and offers and used #tags to direct viewers to relevant information and conversation, and even book flights.

Obviously all digital marketing is infinitely trackable so the airline generated some incredible data on the success of the campaign, even down to which advert sites where the most effective for them. It may have been back in 2014 but I personally still believe this is the most effective, large-scale campaign of this type. It’s simple, engaging, trackable and results orientated.

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