It’s that time of year again and awards night is fast approaching and we’ve been shortlisted for a whole host of CIPR North East Pride Awards. We’ve all got our fingers crossed, outfits chosen and drinking heads on and are looking forward to adding a few further awards to the old trophy cabinet.

Our awards sit proudly in reception and we’re pleased to have collected a few accolades over recent years. Luckily the awards we have won, have usually been understated, tasteful glass confections that sit artfully together on the uplit shelves.

It got me thinking though… designing an actual physical award, that’s got to be a bit of a minefield hasn’t it?

That award… it’s the symbol of the night, it’s the focus of loads of photographs, videos and discussions. Creativity and quality are essential, it has to be inspiring and aspirational and embody credibility and value… it’s got to feel like something worth winning!

To design ‘the’ physical thing that rewards great achievement, the representation of hard work, talent and aspiration… that when handed over to the hot, sticky expectant hands of an excited recipient, fills them with enormous pride (and creates a little bit of green eyed jealousy in fellow nominees)… it’s a tough brief.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to leave an event with something that’s fit to take pride of place on the grandest mantelpiece… not nestle embarrassingly in the darkest corner of the downstairs loo.

Having said that ‘tasteful’ isn’t funny is it?…  and a designer’s inspiration can come from the strangest of places… here’s a few of my favourite left field symbols of achievement fit to grace anyone’s WC.

Wish us luck… we’ll keep you posted.

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