As we all settle back into the hustle and bustle of daily life Evian has come up with another quirky campaign, this time urging each of us to unleash our inner child.

We’re being encouraged to ask our grannies to give us a piggyback or maybe play sleeping lions at work to inject some fun into January – felt by many to be the most miserable month of the year.

It’s an interesting concept that could inspire some unusual antics across the capital – the campaign is being shown on digital screens in ten London train stations and on digital escalator panels in six central London Underground stations.

However it’s unclear whether there are plans to broadcast the campaign in public places elsewhere in the UK.

Personally I’d love to see office workers hopscotching from the tube to the office, or stockbrokers bouncing along on spacehoppers while clutching a coffee to go.

It’s a fun idea and if it’s adopted by the more outrageous characters in the community it has the potential to go viral.

But asking granny for a piggyback?

Now that could prove painful!

The campaign was launched on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter accounts on January 1 and a new message will be posted every day throughout the month.

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