Facebook’s new Discover People feature tries to connect you with people who work at the same company as you or have an interest in the same events.

Discover People invites you to ‘introduce yourself’ first by updating various sections of your profile, including your bio and featured photos, which in turn ensures you have kept your personal details up-to-date.

Under this section is a list of upcoming events you’ve registered to attend, are invited to or interested in. Tapping into one of these events, instead of being shown the event details, you’re presented with the profiles of the people going, which you swipe through one-by-one.

Your current friends will not be shown in this list as the feature is designed to facilitate making new connections and Facebook has assured that only public information is shown on the profiles that are shown.

From a business networking perspective the feature would work well but is Facebook the correct platform to make these types of connections?

The feature’s open to criticism from privacy advocates too as a great deal of Facebook events are public, which opens up your profile to countless numbers of users.

Discover People is still in the testing phase at the moment, and there’s a chance it might never roll out to all Facebook users, however it’s one to keep an eye on.

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