With all the events in the coming months I feel like we’re already being forced into feeling patriotic. What with the Jubilee around the corner, the Euros and the Olympics I think that it’s becoming a bit of a bombardment of patriotism.

Don’t get me wrong I love being British. I have a relatively high level of respect for the royal family and anyone who follows me on twitter will know that I enjoy watching a number of sports. My problem comes with the level of joy we are supposed to be feeling for each of these events. I’m just not feeling it and I don’t think I’m alone.

Everyone seems to be torn over the Olympics and the mere mention in the media seems to cause a bit of a storm. There are those looking forward to it, those who are completely against the spectacle and those that couldn’t care less either way. Over the past few weeks we’ve had the torch relay crossing the country, an iconic symbol uniting the country in celebration, and even that’s managed to cause a stir. Celebrities like will.i.am and Didier Drogba have met with mixed reception. Should a singer from the Black Eyed Peas, born in Los Angeles, California, be carrying the torch for our Olympic games? It’s a topic that’s split the country (and this office) in two.

Ultimately I think the nation would be more excited about the Olympics and the Jubilee if we wern’t constantly being told of mistakes and how much money it’s costing. The money point for me really sticks out. Yes taxes in the south are high but think of the benefits to small businesses. The level of tourism these events will help to generate will surely more than outweigh the costs, creating and securing jobs for years to come.

The Government hasn’t exactly helped either with stories of charging shops for displaying flags or legal action for hanging Olympic rings in a window (see below) and Jubilee street parties seem to be a health and safety nightmare. What’s wrong with this country? A bit of common sense wouldn’t go a miss from time to time.

It’s a big year for our little country. One that we should embrace and celebrate. I for one will be enjoying the spectacle of each event with a certain level of National pride, trying to take a more ‘glass half full’ approach over the next few weeks. I urge you to join me.

So what about you? Are you going to be enjoying a Jubilee party? Are you hanging your St. George’s flag in your window to cheer on Gerrard and the boys? Will you be heading to London to soak up the Olympic atmosphere? Or are you waiting for all this nonsense to pass?

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