Good creative, brand identity and strategy – where does it come from? Sometimes asking two very obvious and basic questions can get the ball rolling.

Who are you? What do you want to achieve?

And you can see these two simple questions in action by looking at the direction the BBC Proms is taking. For many, the phrase “BBC Proms” conjures up images of stuffy, flag waving, middle aged, middle England.

But that perception is slowly being chipped away as the BBC Proms asks themselves those very questions, who are they and what do they want to achieve?

Who are they? A festival that offers an experience, celebrating classical music and showcasing its emotive power.

What do they want to achieve? To capture a ‘culturally curious’ younger audience who will keep appreciating the genre for years to come.

In recent years the festival programme has become more diverse, even tapping into pop-culture, bringing together an orchestra and Pete Tong is certainly going to attract a broader, younger audience, it opens the doors – but what next? Keep going! Keep asking those questions and adapting – create, develop and nurture an identity to match.

The BBC may have hit the mark with its new imaginative and intriguing visual identity that is ever present in the animated TV title. The creative is itself curious and whimsical, celebrating the transformative power of music in a literal and inquisitive way. It feels inclusive and fresh – a reminder that it’s important to check in with who you are and what you’re looking to achieve from time to time.

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