Video is a useful tool for brands, helping them to communicate with customers in an efficient, interesting and engaging way.

Here are five key benefits of this increasingly popular medium:

  • Video allows lots of information to be communicated in a short period of time.
  • Video is more visually impactful than text copy and static imagery.
  • Video helps to bring a brand proposition to life – whether it’s a university showcasing the student experience or a manufacturer reinforcing what makes their process better than its competitors.
  • Video enables those taking part to feel part of the brand.
  • Video content is easy to share – whether that be on the company website or via popular social media platforms –such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

As an award-winning integrated marketing agency, we are highly experienced in video and have created large and small scale projects for a variety of clients.   It’s an extremely effective platform and one we recommend all brands consider as part of their marketing mix.

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