This year mobile Internet usage has overtaken desktop for the first time and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

A fifth of the global population now owns a smartphone and more and more people are using them to access content on the web – 85% of them are using mobile apps rather than websites.

This leads to the question ‘Do I need a mobile app?’

If you have thought about it, it’s worth asking yourself the following five questions.

  1. Is there a need?
    When identifying an app for your business, your first question should be ‘are you meeting a need’? If the answer is ‘no’ you may just be making something cool. There’s nothing wrong with cool but to be popular it’s worth making it useful too.
  1. Who’s going to use your app?
    You’ve had a great idea and you love it, but will others? Knowing your target users and their behaviour can help determine the success of your app. Take the time to get to know your audience and do plenty of research to determine the business needs.
  1. Do you know your competitors?
    By researching and identifying your competition you can find out what the other apps are doing right or wrong. Moreover, this will help you determine the specific features of your app. Ask yourself ‘what specific features should my app have?
  1. What will success look like for you?
    What are the ultimate goals for the app? Do you want to monetise the app? Maybe you want to create a great set of tools to add value to your customer experience, or maybe your goal is to drive online interactions into your bricks and mortar store? You may want to do all three.
  1. How will it work?
    Does the app use any hardware features of a smartphone such as geo-location, the built-in camera or intensive 3D graphics? If it doesn’t, it can be built as a mobile web app, able to operate cross platform such as Android and Apple, and often less expensive to build. Native mobile apps tend to be more expensive than traditional web apps, but it’s worth identifying this before starting any build.

Mobile internet is playing a huge role in shaping the way customers interact with businesses, and getting it wrong can end up being extremely costly.

We can help you identify the best platform and the best solution for your business.

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