In today’s global economy, business and leisure travel is increasingly becoming part of life. It is fair to say that in the UK, hotels traditionally have dominated as the first choice of accommodation for travellers, despite the arduous process of living out of a suitcase and trying to find suitable places to eat.

However, during the past few years, travellers have become more social media savvy and are aware of the other options available to them, and serviced apartments have emerged as a prominent alternative. Businesspeople, groups and families have found their needs better satisfied in the more relaxed environment provided by serviced apartments.

With a focus on comfort, lifestyle, and value for money, serviced apartments are becoming increasingly popular for people wanting a home away from home.

While serviced apartments in the UK are largely London-centric, there is an ever-growing presence in larger cities such as Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

A recent survey of 1,400 guests revealed an insight as to the top groups who opt for serviced apartments. Alongside business and leisure, the other groups identified included celebrities wishing to remain incognito, overseas students and guests requiring accommodation while their own homes were refurbished.

A comparison of five-star London hotels with top-end serviced apartments reveal the savings of staying in the latter are potentially huge.

The demand for serviced accommodation is clearly on the rise, and providers are responding by developing and extending their portfolios.

A recent addition to the serviced apartment market and a client of Cool Blue is House of Kipp, a luxury serviced apartment complex in the heart of Covent Garden. Targeted at businesspeople, leisure travellers, families and groups wanting a little bit of luxury and a lot more than just a room.

Each of the four apartments on offer are individual and unique in design, fitted with an array of beautiful bespoke furniture handmade in Italy. The attention to detail and finish of each apartment is of a superior quality, giving guests a truly special environment to relax within.

Guests can also enjoy an array of additional services as House of Kipp has partnered with London’s premier concierge service Bon Vivant to offer guests the ultimate bespoke concierge service. Guests can also take advantage of private yoga lessons within the apartments and access to a local gym.

It’s easy to see why the serviced apartments are becoming the hot favourite.

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