I don’t know about you but personally I’m quite looking forward to sitting down to a ‘Frankenburger’, a burger entirely grown in a lab using stem cells.

I became vegetarian aged eight, largely because I didn’t like the idea of eating animals. For me it was never an issue of taste, I could eat the bloodiest burger/steak going, but one of animal welfare.

Now 27 years on I’m looking forward to sampling my first burger in nearly three decades – just as soon as ‘Frankenburger’ producers get their prices down.

As a vegetarian people often told me my condition ‘wasn’t natural’, explaining helpfully that people evolved to eat meat.
Ah well, strange the ‘unnaturalness ‘of living in houses, wearing clothes, having mobile phones and getting slaughtered on alcopops doesn’t seem to stop people from these activities.

Yes I’ve long been unimpressed by the ‘natural’ debate.

Also I’m really not bothered by naturalness. I could go into all the grossness of eating meat, slaughterhouses, incredibly cruel conditions for animals etc.

However instead I will just say – eating meat grown in hygienic conditions without cruelty to animals and massive consumption of resources is much more preferable to me.

Pass the ketchup anyone?

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