It’s official – Christmas is finally here now that the John Lewis ad has arrived. Joining the ranks of the Coca Cola ‘holiday days are coming’ commercial, it’s become a festive tradition for seasonal campaigns to launch the holiday season (although some start too early in my opinion!)

The new Man on the Moon advert stays true to form of what we expect from John Lewis, beautifully shot with the underpinning heart warming message that Christmas is a time for sharing and loving for all. Directed by Kim Gehrig, the woman behind the This Girl Can ads for Sport England, it is the story of a lonely man living on the moon discovered by a young girl while star gazing through her telescope. There is, of course, a happy ending and with sheer determination she spreads the joy of Christmas to him a million miles away.

There will be no doubt critics, but this advert will certainly motivate people to pick up the phone and talk to distant family and friends. Campaigns that focus on the true meaning of the season – sharing and caring for one another – are the best ways to prompt emotion and get people taking. Maybe it’s not too early to get into the Christmas spirit after all…….

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