Google’s annual I/O developer conference took place in yesterday where a number of exciting additions were announced to their range of products and services. Here’s a short summary of what was showcased.

1. Allo and Duo

The announcement of not one but two instant messaging apps was surprising.

Allo is a smart messaging app integrating Google’s machine learning technology to provide helpful suggestions and services, to help keep your conversions flowing.

Duo is Google’s latest video calling app. Developed to provide a simple and fast video calling service to everyone regardless of operating system and connection speed.

2. Home

Home is Google’s alternative to Amazon’s Echo. A voice activated, artificial intelligent speaker that will use Google Assistant to answer your questions and to control different smart devices around your home.

3. Day Dream

Google’s virtual reality offering will now fall under Daydream. A platform to provide high quality mobile virtual reality built on top of Android N. As well as software Daydream will look to encompass more advanced hardware to build on the success of Cardboard.

4. Instant apps

Android apps will get easier to access, with the announcement of Instant Apps. Which will allow users to run apps instantly, without installation. This could see apps being accessed by entering a URL, instead of requiring to be downloaded.

5. Android N

The next version of the Android was confirmed to be released later this year featuring over 250 updates and significant improvement to multiple areas of the operating system.

6. Android wear 2.0

The company also announced a significant upgrade to their wearable operating system, with the support of standalone apps and a new interface design.

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