I must admit, I am one of the first to grimace when the early onset of Christmas appears on our TV screen on the first day of November. But I was pleasantly surprised by the latest offering from DFS.

With Cool Blue working on TV adverts for Multiyork, I always keep an eye on what is out there from other sofa retailers. The DFS advert would seem to buck the current trend by taking inspiration from the unique and loveable Creature Comforts by the world acclaimed Aardman Studios (the creators of Wallace and Grommet).

The advert centres on recorded interviews with everyday staff from the DFS factory, played out by hand-created textile characters, with humorous escapades unfolding in the background.

The clear play on the hand-made sofas, is the use of hand=made textile characters, stitching exposed to enforce one of the key sales messages of DFS.  I felt that this was a clever play on the nature of the industry, and creates a sense of comfort and everyday life, real words, from real people for real homes.

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