As Nestlé celebrates its 150th birthday its very first factory at Lake Geneva has been transformed  into an interactive exhibition space.

The family-orientated Nest centre is divided into five interactive zones that tell the story of Nestlé’s chocolate and other foods.


Sitting beneath a dramatic glass roof is a sculptural, white hovering platform. It overlooks the rest of the exhibition while winding through smaller displays. There are even life-size trees decorated in more than a thousand “flowers” made from crumpled and folded Nestlé packaging.

Nest is split into past, present and future zones, where visitors can do everything from experiment with interactive installations to see a prototype of the first Nespresso machine.

Each zone looks and feels completely different. Starting in the past zone which has takes inspiration from early cinema techniques, with the zones then getting ones get lighter and more modern.


The Nest is a truly imaginative exhibition. Here at Cool Blue we’re currently working on a very exciting exhibition stand project for one of our long-standing clients. We’ve introduced interactive elements to enhance the customer experience, as well as using inventive design to refresh the brand identity, to create a truly modern stand.


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