Happy Birthday TV advertising; 60 years old and still one of the most effective marketing channels.

The very first advert for Gibbs SR toothpaste was broadcast into 100,000 homes by ITV on 22nd September 1955. Since then TV ads have moved on, with today’s creative aiming to build an emotional connection with its audience. The kinds of things that motivate us all: individuality, making the most of every day, love, death, fear, laughter.

One of the first ads that was ahead of the game was Levi’s ‘Launderette’ ad featuring Nick Kamen – I dare say there wasn’t a woman, girl (or man) in the UK in 1985 that wasn’t talking about that commercial.

To mark the anniversary we’ve been talking about some of our favourite ads over the last few decades. From the Smash robots (bet you can still sing the song), Cup-a-Soup Marathon, Guiness Surfer, Wrigleys Gum Bus Journey, Cadburys Gorilla, Compare the Market Meercats.

And who can forget the Coca Cola Christmas truck – let’s face it, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without ‘holidays are coming’.

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