Using glamorous portraits of beautiful women to sell things is nothing new and in the 1950s Rowntree’s did it to sell Aero chocolate bars.

Adverts featuring 40 women were created and even now they look stunning in their simplicity and in the way they capture the beauty of the women who were painted.

Now in a clever PR move, the current team behind Aero has launched a hunt to find all the women who featured in the original ads.

The campaign has already achieved coverage appearing on Channel 4 News and in The Times.

Some of the women, such as 93-year-old Pamela Synge, have been traced and her stories of trips to Venice, bohemian London and dancing with Dylan Thomas have helped to associate Aero with luxury and glamour.

Adding authenticity to the campaign is the involvement of the Borthwick Institute for Archives in York.

The campaign has a hugely nostalgic, romantic feel to it and, with up to 40 women to locate, it also has longevity.

I imagine the Aero team has already planned where to take this next and I wouldn’t be surprised if the adverts are recreated with the women 60 years on –or a new generation of Aero girls.

A number of the ladies still need to be tracked down and accounted for. So, do you know one of the Aero girls? Could they be your mother or grandmother, sister or aunt. If you do have any information email

Link – Gallery of all the Aero girls

Link – Daily Express online piece about the hunt

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