They say walls have ears, it’s just a shame they can’t talk as we reckon this old building would have some remarkable stories to tell.

So much so we’d probably never get any work done.

For if you didn’t already know, Cool Blue’s Middlesbrough office is sited in what’s probably THE most historic building in the town – Plenary House BV.

Some might believe the most historic building would be the impressive town hall, but many others would beg to differ.

Our offices (pictured here) used to be the family homes of Middlesbrough’s founding fathers – Henry Bolckow and John Vaughan.

Every day we have history hunters stopping to read the blue plaque on the wall outside our windows.

We’ve had history teachers deliver lessons to classes on the path outside and there’s hardly a day goes by without someone or other taking a picture of the building.

It’s all down to the fact that the two men were behind one of the most famous companies ever to be founded in the town – Bolckow, Vaughan & Co, which began life in 1841.

The firm led the way in the production of coal and iron in the North East in the 19th century, and sparked the huge growth of Middlesbrough.

They lived side by side in these two town houses, just 400 yards away from their ironworks at nearby Vulcan Street, at a time before the iconic Transporter Bridge was built.

Wonder what they’d make of the town today?

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