Recently Instagram has taken the social media world by surprise by ditching the retro-inspired brand identity, for a new bold bright and, in my opinion, ever so disappointing modern logo and interface.

This move was said to reflect how the platform has evolved over recent years. Now the logo, which still takes some form from the previous icon, has become a sleek modern line drawing of a modern camera. The bold orange to purple gradient backing still retains some of the rainbow banding feel from the original logo.

This update to the brand has lost some of the old-world charm that attracted people to the app in the beginning – the look and feel of ‘old fashioned’ home photography, which personally I believe was the whole pretence of the social media avenue.

Saying this, I do believe this new design is probably more relevant to the younger audience that can relate more to the new wave of Intsa-celebraties that the app itself has produced and it is probably more suited to digital reproduction.

As a designer, I know that a brand refresh cannot completely depend on the heritage and past triumphs of a brand to create a new exciting proposition. But to almost completely ignore the origins of a brand is a dangerous line to walk. My initial reaction to the new look maybe slightly negative, but it’s part of a wider updating to the platform, and as that rolls out it may well fit better with the future aspirations of the brand, and as such, the new brand will eventually grow on me.

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