In a recent announcement that Instagram had reached 1 million advertisers, the social media platform also briefly shared plans to bring a booking feature to the app.

Say you want to get a haircut. A new “Book” option on your salon or barber’s Instagram profile page would let you choose the style of haircut and set a time and date for your appointment. You can see a video of the tool in action on Instagram’s blog post.

The video shows a “pricing and payment” section. In the example shown it tells you to pay at the salon, but it’s not hard to imagine payment functionality being added in the future.

It has been no secret of the company’s ambition to make shopping a primary feature and the addition of a booking feature is a logical extension. This would be the deepest level of interaction we’ve seen yet between users and business on the platform.

No longer will Instagram be just a place where you can find a cool coffee shop because of its artisan images of coffee but a place where you can order one too.

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